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What People Say

"Jayme is simply the best. I really wanted a mentor throughout the college counseling process, and because Jayme can relate to me so well, she was not only a mentor but an inspiration. She got me into my top school, and if it wasn't for her, that school wouldn't have even been on my radar!" 

"I don't know what I would've done if I didn't work with Jayme. Her essay editing skills are top notch, and she really goes above and beyond to ensure that I felt confident and empowered throughout my college application process."

"I have sent my other kids to other college counselors, but I wish I could have sent them all to Jayme. She is kind, upbeat, and just gets it. She understands my kids on another level- and is absolutely fantastic in helping kids build their college lists, choose high school courses, and enhance essays. Can you say lifesaver?!"

"I was hesitant to work with a college counselor outside of our local high school. I just didn’t see a reason to use someone.

I see now, why my daughter Sareena convinced us to use Jayme.  Looking back, it would have benefitted all of my kids. She roped Sareena in when she was all over the place and kept her on task and brainstormed with her on writing beautiful essays.  She knows our girl very well and she did a more than an amazing job!"


"I learned from Jayme that high school counselors spend on average 38 minutes talking about college with their students. Jayme took multiple hours, days, months, and years to get to know us and our son: something high school counselors can not do. Our son is thrilled to start the next chapter of his life at the University of Texas-  Austin."

"My daughter was so reluctant to discuss college with me, but with Jayme ... a switch just flipped with her.  Jayme made my daughter's eyes sparkle with different college and essay ideas, and really added a positive and exciting energy to the rather daunting college application process. Highly recommend."

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